My favourite word

We can give our daughters confidence to do whatever they want!


‚ÄčWhenever i used to see a woman driver driving a car it got me so excited , i gaze her with esteemed admiration. It seemed to be so empowering and so independent. This word independence with passing age becoming my most favourite. oh yes Let’s get back to driving.

I told my parents i want to learn driving, but this time like every other time they lovingly despised its quite technical for you to learn it, adding to this is the unmanageable traffic conditions, you wont be able to deal with it. And with equal lovable affirmation i agreed. A reminder beeped in my mind i had always been a very docile frail girl. How would i be able to very docile frail girl. How would i be able to very docile frail girl. How would i be able to turn steering wheel with my fragile wrists. I have always been confused when it comes to take decisions how on earth iam going to face the problems of facing traffic wardens and irritable riders and not to forget the bumpy roads. I quit. I was not sure that i will be able to drive confidently or not, but one thing i was very sure about that i won’t be able to get adjust in that family of strangers, i knew i wont be able to get along with that person i barely know, never in my life i ventured into developing my culinary skills it never interests me,i can find no way to get excited about getting married i could find no incentive. I told them but not clearly cuz i was never clear in decisions. They with same loveable words took me to confidence, no you can do that, it’s not as difficult as you are thinking. We have confidence in you. And i agreed. Since then word independence has been my most favourite word. I wish i could made it most favourite possession of my daughter one day by saying yes you can have it ,i believe you can have it.

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