The year that was 2016

One beautiful year!


​So finally the year 2016, coming to an end.It was one beautiful year of my life.wait. The best one. Still few days left but honestly I can’t compare my whole year with remaining few days even if they are to be the worst days, I can’t be that ungrateful for the year it was. I am a kind of extreme saddistic sort of person. And year that gave me so much happiness needs to be pen down. Though I am a pedulum girl who keeps on swerving from being happy to being depressed but what all the depressive life I had live previously , this year has changed that. At this age of late 20s i kind of lived a fairytale, all my wishes succumbed in the face of serenity this year brought . Sort of fairytale .This year gave me courage to listen to what my heart was saying. Doing what I want to do. Being happy. And then I realised its not a single person or single life event that changes our life. Its actually learning.Our experience of knowing what’s important for us ,of knowledge of ourselves and life process, life doesn’t come to halt by single happening . Life is interconnected with good and bad happenings. Not only happy moments are called life celebrating life but the truth is we forget to celebrate life when we are in pain. Celebrating life is name of reflecting about it as well. And living in the moment or rather living in the happiness or pain of the moment . I don’t know what new year will bring. It might completely distort what i believe today. My insight now might not be useful tomorrow but I thought to pen it down cuz i want to read and reread it later in my life. And if next year happens to be the worst I want to write that too. I want to keep record of all my insights good or bad. Fingers crossed.

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