Writer to-be or not-to-be

​Avid Literature students, I think ,at one point or another always have that impulse to be a writer. Well talking about myself i have at times mused at the lofty career of novel writing. When i read how a story reveals upon writers like some divine interventions I feel the goosebumps and I just drool at the lure of writing if nothing else i can do. But dreams and charm aside, I realised that apart from metaphysical musings , writing is such an inhumanly godly endeavour which not only requires your moment of observations and thoughts but it wants you to sign a charter with your soul . Its a bondage you can never rid yourself off from. When you listen a writer speak you realize how immortal the charter is even more immortal than their souls. You find it hard to weigh how much of them they have bled upon papers and how much more they retain within them. It seems like it would take an eternity to get them done and still it would not be enough. And sometimes it seems like they are living a curse as if they have to sap out their own life-blood to let others live. It appears like universe can only survive if they keep writing. I can say no more that ,its not just a career its a creation and creation only happens when something break and bleed within ,like a seed beneath soil or like a child’s birth; rightly quoted as, “Watching a writer write, is like watching God create galaxies”. Only those chosen ones become the best writers, who so fearfully assert to themselves, Okay it’s done, Iam giving all of myself into the universe.


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