Love: a specie in danger

​We think it is but then realize it isn’t. Yes its about the most beguiling human mystery which has been studied vigorously by philosophers and scientists alike. But still it remains a complexed phenomena underneath all human relationships. Yes you know right! Love. In this age of exposures and expressions we still find ourselves at the edge of defining, what it is and what it is not. Where it starts from and upto where it ends. Western literature being the dominant in the world has revered it like a pandora box’s most cherished treasure. Yet its the same West which is continuously re defining and re inventing it anew and astrange. Categorizing it into straight, lesbian ,gay, bi and many to come I guess. It is again the Western culture which has greatest ratio in having relationship complications and finally dissolved relationships cases. The Hollywood stars glamourizing their love life end up in disillusioned relationships and validating them unconsciously at the same time . When we come to East, love is quite a newly discovered specie or sometimes is labelled a Western or foreign concept in contradiction to reality or rather an Eastern reality. Young men and women falling in love :read alien conspiracy and finding themselves surrounded in so not so foreign environment where love had always been something which happened or is made at the day a couple gets married and result is they ended up being victim of disillusioned marriage . The love itself is lost in the game of earning and feeding in case of men and for women it is lost in the battle of making identity and relating to a well defined identity of a wife or mother. Afused between the disillusions of East and West ,love is becoming a further complicated feeling. Being a student of Western literature and living in an Eastern society I feel myself so alienated with this word that I fear , for coming generation, it will not be something pure and revered but something which humans have exploited for their own benefits and convenience at different times and places.


2 thoughts on “Love: a specie in danger

  1. Nicely dipicted
    This read make me feel what is love for me .
    I agree with your ideas like what people called love that becomes illusion then regret etc.
    But what is love actually I asked myself.
    And your article help me to give a conclusion to my thoughts about love I can feel about it yet.
    “Love is miracle It takes place in one’s heart as pearl takes place in oyster’s shell, pure and precious.
    Illusions ,regret mourn are the things have nothing to do with love .
    Because the function of love is to impart exaltation.
    And the eyes shed tears in love those convert in precious pearl.
    Love is something which elevates one’s status steadily and gradually
    Love will never let lover feel regret and it does not left lover ashamed instead it is something can make lover grateful forever.

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    1. Great to hear,it helped you form a conclusion. And similarly this idea clicked that we can
      have a concluding form of love only when we breath our last. It has varied amorphous ever changing forms. That might be called ditching nature of love or the ever green youthfulness of love .


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