It’s better to reign in hell!

Back long ago when i was very young i heard this saying” if all the tress become pen and and all the oceans become ink, you can not praise God enough “

And honestly speaking i used to count on my finger tips all the things that i could praise God for and that was for sure
” countable”.
But today i realise no body would have given a thought to explain things to kids in a right way back then. Especially when it comes to religious sayings nobody ever dare to temper them a bit and i dare not to ask them?
If i ask them now ,what do you mean by praising God? The answer is pray as much as you can, recite Quran as many times as possible  (and that could be without translation even).
But nobody told me to know enormity of the sea of knowledge, nobody told me to venture into various subjects to measure the vastness of God’s existence. Nobody told me to listen to the tunes of musical instruments to hear the hidden notes of human hearts. Nobody encouraged me to question God’s existence, so i believed everything what they told about God. I praised Him for the things they praised Him for,  i feared Him for the things they were afraid of and also asked forgiveness for the sins that they commited. And for a longer part of life was concerned about the hell that exists somewhere and did not bother about the hell of the cage that my mind was becoming.
It’s still hell today. But it’s a hell i choose to live in.


One thought on “It’s better to reign in hell!

  1. Life is latent in seeking, Its origin is hidden in desire.”
    Seeking is our journey we have to look for destination .
    May be others foot prints can motivate us but they can’t be final destiny .


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