A Desi Wedding! 

Rants of a marriage-aversor


‚ÄčThe more I am trying to see good in a marriage in our society , which revolves mostly around pomp and extravagance more I am becoming repellant. The heavy gold sets worn by brides remind me of kayan tribe’s women wearing brass coils around their neck . The glitzy and glamorous dresses I think should be named the prickly wedding wears. The all laden bride sitting upon a stage seems nothing less than a decorated auctionable item. I know my comments sound quite feministic but what does all this wedding frenzy should be labelled as? The more we hear shoutouts to poverty and economic distress more we see the loose flow of money and gold around in weddings.  I sometimes wonder is really the marriage in our societies is that esteemed and reverred phenomena? Does really every couple getting married step into an eternal euphoria of blissful and blithesome state. We need to give empowered women to our society ,who should know their worth is more than these overpriced articles and dowry materials. We need to give awareness regarding how valuable humans and their values are minus all the extravagant items they put on.