Love: a specie in danger

​We think it is but then realize it isn’t. Yes its about the most beguiling human mystery which has been studied vigorously by philosophers and scientists alike. But still it remains a complexed phenomena underneath all human relationships. Yes you know right! Love. In this age of exposures and expressions we still find ourselves at the edge of defining, what it is and what it is not. Where it starts from and upto where it ends. Western literature being the dominant in the world has revered it like a pandora box’s most cherished treasure. Yet its the same West which is continuously re defining and re inventing it anew and astrange. Categorizing it into straight, lesbian ,gay, bi and many to come I guess. It is again the Western culture which has greatest ratio in having relationship complications and finally dissolved relationships cases. The Hollywood stars glamourizing their love life end up in disillusioned relationships and validating them unconsciously at the same time . When we come to East, love is quite a newly discovered specie or sometimes is labelled a Western or foreign concept in contradiction to reality or rather an Eastern reality. Young men and women falling in love :read alien conspiracy and finding themselves surrounded in so not so foreign environment where love had always been something which happened or is made at the day a couple gets married and result is they ended up being victim of disillusioned marriage . The love itself is lost in the game of earning and feeding in case of men and for women it is lost in the battle of making identity and relating to a well defined identity of a wife or mother. Afused between the disillusions of East and West ,love is becoming a further complicated feeling. Being a student of Western literature and living in an Eastern society I feel myself so alienated with this word that I fear , for coming generation, it will not be something pure and revered but something which humans have exploited for their own benefits and convenience at different times and places.


A Desi Wedding! 

Rants of a marriage-aversor

​The more I am trying to see good in a marriage in our society , which revolves mostly around pomp and extravagance more I am becoming repellant. The heavy gold sets worn by brides remind me of kayan tribe’s women wearing brass coils around their neck . The glitzy and glamorous dresses I think should be named the prickly wedding wears. The all laden bride sitting upon a stage seems nothing less than a decorated auctionable item. I know my comments sound quite feministic but what does all this wedding frenzy should be labelled as? The more we hear shoutouts to poverty and economic distress more we see the loose flow of money and gold around in weddings.  I sometimes wonder is really the marriage in our societies is that esteemed and reverred phenomena? Does really every couple getting married step into an eternal euphoria of blissful and blithesome state. We need to give empowered women to our society ,who should know their worth is more than these overpriced articles and dowry materials. We need to give awareness regarding how valuable humans and their values are minus all the extravagant items they put on.

Celebrate the lessons

​When a year teaches you that it’s moments that comprise our years,we start living, improving, growing in the moments. Our celebrations don’t tend to give tributes to the coming year but it contemplates over what has passed by, what lessons it bestowed upon us or slapped across our faces. Yes we are knocked down many a times during an year, we are supposed to celebrate those stand up again moments. Every time we defeat life at worst we make it to the life at best. If life doesn’t give you happy moment, take a chance at giving life some joyous time. We both make contribution to the universe, that is our life and we -the self. Sometimes it’s the self alone maybe . Isn’t it?

Writer to-be or not-to-be

​Avid Literature students, I think ,at one point or another always have that impulse to be a writer. Well talking about myself i have at times mused at the lofty career of novel writing. When i read how a story reveals upon writers like some divine interventions I feel the goosebumps and I just drool at the lure of writing if nothing else i can do. But dreams and charm aside, I realised that apart from metaphysical musings , writing is such an inhumanly godly endeavour which not only requires your moment of observations and thoughts but it wants you to sign a charter with your soul . Its a bondage you can never rid yourself off from. When you listen a writer speak you realize how immortal the charter is even more immortal than their souls. You find it hard to weigh how much of them they have bled upon papers and how much more they retain within them. It seems like it would take an eternity to get them done and still it would not be enough. And sometimes it seems like they are living a curse as if they have to sap out their own life-blood to let others live. It appears like universe can only survive if they keep writing. I can say no more that ,its not just a career its a creation and creation only happens when something break and bleed within ,like a seed beneath soil or like a child’s birth; rightly quoted as, “Watching a writer write, is like watching God create galaxies”. Only those chosen ones become the best writers, who so fearfully assert to themselves, Okay it’s done, Iam giving all of myself into the universe.

Subtract-The Magic Word

​Since very young we have been fed with the idea of adding on. We learn to add more toys to be happy. We are programmed to add more and more skills to be successful and thus rich. But we are never told how powerful and empowering the word ‘subtract’ is. Its subtraction that makes life satisfying and contented. When we learn to subtract negative people,emotions,habits desires that don’t contribute to our well being its then we learn the mystifying power of frugality and the empowerment that comes by shedding the burden off our shoulders and souls.

The year that was 2016

One beautiful year!

​So finally the year 2016, coming to an end.It was one beautiful year of my life.wait. The best one. Still few days left but honestly I can’t compare my whole year with remaining few days even if they are to be the worst days, I can’t be that ungrateful for the year it was. I am a kind of extreme saddistic sort of person. And year that gave me so much happiness needs to be pen down. Though I am a pedulum girl who keeps on swerving from being happy to being depressed but what all the depressive life I had live previously , this year has changed that. At this age of late 20s i kind of lived a fairytale, all my wishes succumbed in the face of serenity this year brought . Sort of fairytale .This year gave me courage to listen to what my heart was saying. Doing what I want to do. Being happy. And then I realised its not a single person or single life event that changes our life. Its actually learning.Our experience of knowing what’s important for us ,of knowledge of ourselves and life process, life doesn’t come to halt by single happening . Life is interconnected with good and bad happenings. Not only happy moments are called life celebrating life but the truth is we forget to celebrate life when we are in pain. Celebrating life is name of reflecting about it as well. And living in the moment or rather living in the happiness or pain of the moment . I don’t know what new year will bring. It might completely distort what i believe today. My insight now might not be useful tomorrow but I thought to pen it down cuz i want to read and reread it later in my life. And if next year happens to be the worst I want to write that too. I want to keep record of all my insights good or bad. Fingers crossed.