Polluted Silences

We have talked about all kinds of abuses but one that goes un observed and thus un recognized, is the ‘abuse of silence’ . We are a generation where we have suffered alot at the hands of communication gap and i guess we will ,for the years to come. Further aggravated this situation, is the boon of social networking where we think by posting and hash tagging we have dished our hearts out and every one has savoured whats in our heart. But the the truth is Our Silences have become heavier than before , we are craving to be understood by people who love us or at least by the total strangers. Inability to be understood is directly related to our lack of connectedness and communication. We are afraid of saying what are silences are shouting. Or maybe we are too afraid of listening to those silences. As a result they die an un natural death and lurk in the air and are causing global warming. I know it sounds ludicrously unscientific but where else should the heat and fire of our unsaid words and larger-than-life emotions should go? We have to pay ,our planet has to pay for the polluting the sacred silences which are supposed to be cherished and sanctified instead of being antagonized and polluted.


Unfortunately we all are the victims or we all might be the naive abusers ,in either case we all need saving. Spot the abuse and save yourself and do earth a little favour.


Celebrate the lessons

​When a year teaches you that it’s moments that comprise our years,we start living, improving, growing in the moments. Our celebrations don’t tend to give tributes to the coming year but it contemplates over what has passed by, what lessons it bestowed upon us or slapped across our faces. Yes we are knocked down many a times during an year, we are supposed to celebrate those stand up again moments. Every time we defeat life at worst we make it to the life at best. If life doesn’t give you happy moment, take a chance at giving life some joyous time. We both make contribution to the universe, that is our life and we -the self. Sometimes it’s the self alone maybe . Isn’t it?